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May 18, 2018



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Ian Lilley
Game programmer based in Los Angeles. Previously graphics engineer at thatgamecompany on Sky


Electronic music composer / Sound designer based in Los Angeles and Tokyo


Official Soundtrack

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PAX 10 (2018)

IGF Excellence in Visual Art (Winner) (2019)

IGF Nuovo Award (Nomination) (2019)


Mirror Drop is a psychedelic 3D puzzle game where you maneuver a reflective sphere in a world full of mirrors, over-saturated colors, and infinities. Each level contains three puzzles and a hidden exit, set against 100% raytraced alien geometry.


What platforms is it on?

Windows, Mac, and Linux. Haven't decided on VR yet.

How long is it?

3+ hours across 25 levels. Levels can be played in any order, except for the last which takes a more serious effort to unlock and complete.

Will it run on my computer?

A mid to high end graphics card from the last few years should work fine. For less powerful computers I recommend changing the in-game graphics quality to AUTO (the option after 1.0X). This will automatically adjust the quality to get better framerate.

What are the input modes?

Keyboard / mouse and gamepad (Xbox, PS4, etc), fully configurable in controls menu.

How was it made?

It was built from scratch using a custom raytracing engine with all the levels hand-coded. Each level is made up of 32 objects or less and only three primitive types: cubes, spheres, and cylinders. NO TRIANGLES.

How long has it been in development?

About a year and a half. Development started in January 2017.

How can I get in touch or report a problem?

If there's a problem with the game, please post to the Steam support forum with the log.txt from AppData/Roaming/MirrorDrop. You can also message me on twitter or email me at ianlilleyt at gmail.