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May 18, 2018


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Ian Lilley
Game programmer based in Los Angeles. Previously graphics engineer at thatgamecompany on Sky


Electronic music composer / Sound designer based in Los Angeles and Tokyo


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Mirror Drop is a psychedelic 3D puzzle game where you maneuver a reflective sphere in a world full of mirrors, over-saturated colors, and infinities. Each level contains three puzzles and a hidden exit, set against 100% raytraced alien geometry.


What platforms is it on?

Windows, Linux, and Steam. Haven't decided on VR yet.

How long is it?

3+ hours across 25 levels. Levels can be played in any order, except for the last which takes a more serious effort to unlock and complete.

Will it run on my computer?

A mid to high end graphics card from the last few years should work fine. There's an in-game graphics slider for less powerful cards. OpenGL 4.3 or greater required.

What are the input modes?

Keyboard / mouse and gamepad, both fully customizable in-game. Native support for Xbox, PS4, and many other controllers.

Is there a difference between the steam and free version?

The content is 100% the same, and any progress you make in one version will carry over to the other. That means you can try out the game for free and then add it to your Steam library later without losing progress. The only difference is the free version doesn't have achievements or cloud saves.

How was it made?

It was built from scratch using a custom raytracing engine with all the levels hand-coded. Each level is made up of 32 objects or less and only three primitive types: cubes, spheres, and cylinders. NO TRIANGLES.

How long has it been in development?

About a year and a half. Development started in January 2017.

How can I get in touch or report a problem?

If there's a problem with the game, please post to the Steam support forum with the log.txt from AppData/Roaming/MirrorDrop. For anything else you can message me on twitter or email me at ianlilleyt at gmail.